About Dr Vaibhav Patel


Dr Vaibhav Patel is a wellness expert on lifelong, optimized living. His passion for healthy living, and dedication to helping others reach their health goals, has resulted in a breakthrough system, proving that health can be reclaimed by just about any proactive person at any age. He serves clients in Nashville and surrounding counties and clients across United States.

Dr Patel received his Doctorate in Chiropractic from New York Chiropractic College with his post graduate training and focus on Nutrition, Functional Wellness, Functional Medicine, and Functional Endocrinology.  He uses breakthrough diagnostic testing and analysis that’s rarely done in conventional settings to uncover the hidden causes of why people feel the way they feel and clinically investigating underlying factors and customizing health programs for chronic conditions.  His fascinating and refreshing approach to body transformation includes topics on mind set, cellular detox, nutrition, a unique exercise program and hormone balance which works on people of all ages.

If you have any questions about our Functional Medicine Doctor, or would like to learn more about functional care at Hope Wellness Center, please call us at (615) 448-6845 today!