Functional Medicine and Hypertension

Statistics by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicate that approximately one-third of all Americans over the age of 20 have hypertension (high blood pressure), resulting in almost 40 million doctor visits and just under 4 million trips to the hospital.

Another 31,000 die from this condition annually making its treatment critical not only to a higher quality of life, but life in general.

Dr Vaibhav Patel's Functional Medicine Center just north of Nashville wants you to know that there are natural, evidence-based ways to treat hypertension, and we've great success in our clinic helping patients with this common problem.

While some forms of hypertension appear without warning, there are many lifestyle behaviors that elevate your risk of developing this particular condition. Functional medicine care from Dr. Vaibhav Patel can help you identify the factors present in your life, as well as create a treatment plan that reduces your risk of blood pressure-related issues in the future.

Imagine having knowledge and steps to take to prevent this condition from getting worse or being able to enjoy life to fullest without ever wondring how will it effect my health.

Holistic Functional Medicine approache to your Hypertension can be the answer you are looking for, and Dr. Vaibhav Patel can help you improve your health. Dr Vaibhav Patel has Dinner Seminar coming up to educate people on his approach and health in general.  If you are interested in learning more about Dr Patel's approach RSVP for his Dinner Seminar by calling his office at (615) 448-6845 or Fill out the Form below.


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